Robert Castle

Extract from Robert Castle’s letter of recommendation:

„In all of the workshops I have conducted for professional actors and directors over the last few years, I have encountered few other actors who are working at Ms. Damiani’s level of skill, talent and commitment. Her passion shows well in the rich inner life she brings to her characters, and she exhibits a depth of emotional expression. She conveys inner strength and vulnerability simultaneously, one of the primary marks of a talented actor. She has a gift for comedy and a striking talent for serious work. Her high level of artistry may be the result of her seamlessly combining her high-level performing skills with her strong organic character work. Sandra has the experienced film actor’s sharp sense of naturalism.

I have found Ms. Damiani to be passionate, committed, hard working and mature in her attitude. She takes direction well and is generous and responsive in her work with other actors.“

Robert Castle
Instructor, Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
Artistic Director, International Theatre New York